Menu Styles

Any menu, perfectly animated, easy to use, and incredibly fast! You can have as many as you want on any page with submenus or simple.


Small pop-ups that help you relay a alert or messaage to your users.

Action Sheets

Give your page the full control it deserves. Add action sheets on any page. You can use an infinite amount, with infinite customizability options!

Alert Boxes

Push or overlay. Just send your message out as fast and easily as possible.

Toast Boxes

Fast, simple confirmation messages for your users.

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Something happened! Check again!

You can also do this stuff and this stuff!

Awww yeah! Everything is perfect!

Oh my! This is very pink & bold!

This is a small snackbar 5

Toast is Good

Toast is actually quite delicious!

Toast is Good!

Toast is actually quite delicious!